An Interactive Comic by Jason Shiga

A seaside village – and a monstrous threat. Explore as you choose, by day or by night. Can you unravel the secrets of history and defeat the Leviathan?

Leviathan is not an ordinary comic. You make the choices that determine how the story unfolds. Leviathan splits off into hundreds of different adventures.

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Two panels from Leviathan

The Game

Leviathan flows in all directions; it is built on Scott McCloud’s principle of the infinite canvas.

The green outline always shows you the next panel. Simply tap to move forwards — whether that’s left, right, up, or down. (You can also see the previous panel. The rest of the story is dimmed out, so it’s less distracting.)

A panel choice from Leviathan

Whenever the path splits, you’ll see two green outlines. (Or three, or more!) Choose your path and tap your decision! The story will follow the path you choose.

Of course, you can scroll around the entire story map if you want, and even zoom in and out. The browse button lets you view the story as a whole, without highlights or outlines. While browsing, you can tap any panel to jump into the story and follow the thread from that point.

Leviathan has many secrets, and you will not discover them all the first time you enter. Don’t be afraid to start over, backtrack, or try different approaches. The more you learn, the more you will understand.

The Creators

Jason Shiga graduated from the University of California at Berkeley with a degree in pure mathematics. He is the author of more than twenty comic books and the inventor of three board games, two card tricks, the greedy mug, the bus clock, and Meanwhile. He has won 2 Eisner awards, 2 Ignatz awards, and his work has been featured as an official selection for the Comics Festival in Angouleme. His puzzles and mazes have appeared in McSweeney’s and Nick Magazine. He lives in Oakland, California.

Andrew Plotkin is the author of many well-known works of interactive fiction. He lives in Boston, Massachusetts, where he is hard at work researching both classic forms of digital interactivity (like text adventures) and new forms (like Leviathan).

Together they have brought Leviathan to life in digital form.

Leviathan hardback book cover

The Book

After ten years, Jason Shiga returns to interactive comics with Leviathan. Part story, part maze, part game, Leviathan was inspired by classic console adventure games, the game-books of the 1980s, and Thomas Hobbes.

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